The team at Javelina Harley Davidson is the example of how people should be treated when purchasing a motorcycle, a car, a house, a boat or whatever. I'm glad I drove the 40 minuets and passed a different dealership to deal with the people at Javelina Harley. They will be recommended without a doubt. Pete Crawford: I put in an inquiry online and Jason got back to me within 15 - 20 minutes. He hooked me up with Pete who called me, and we set up that I would go the following morning. Pete is the most personable, friendly salesperson I have ever delt with in my over 40 years of buying vehicles. Pete made sure my wife and I were comfortable throughout the buying process; he answered all our questions and was patient while we decided. Covered all the bases. Great Job! TEN STARS. Jason Ball: Great initial contact. Jason was on top of things start to finish. He was going to make sure we got a deal done one way or another. He was clear in assuring us of that. He would check on us periodically to make sure we were comfortable, and if we had any questions. When we were undecided between the two colors, he suggested to Pete that we take them outside and look at them side by side. That was the deciding factor. After that he was patient and got us to where we needed to be on our payment. Excellent! TEN STARS. Gino Guerrero: Gino was great, he was thorough and patient with my old ass. He made sure we understood what we were signing and that it was correct. When I explained that we lived in a different county than what was on the paperwork, he changed it and showed us the correction. Most Sales Managers are pushy and uptight and have that I'm better than you attitude. Gino was not this way at all, he was down to earth and easy to deal with. Awesome! TEN STARS. Zac Ortiz: Zac is the man who knows everything in parts. He took the time to show me what would benefit me the most on the accessories I was getting. I watched as he would multitask between answering the mechanics questions, the service guys questions, other customers questions all the while he was helping me by looking up parts on the computer. It was really amazing to see his knowledge and ability to handle multiple things at one time. Top notch! TEN STARS. (Employee: Jason Ball, Pete Crawford, Gino Guerrero, Zac Ortiz)
Forest Douglas Knutson
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