Though I have rode Harley's from sportster, to a Tri-glide , some from dealerships, some from individuals- I recent purchase a street glide from Javelina Harley - I 77 yr old, so most likely this be my last - I had been in that dealership years past, still had a card from one employee that no longer works there, but refered me to Eddie - I went to dealership few day later as I see bike on the website I interested in - Eddie, quite the professional, very knowledgeable, courteous, likeable individual, when we shook hands on a deal - I had already visited Eddie enough to know I liked him, silly to some I suspect but for several years now I don't do business with anyone I do not care for personally - Nicole became involved - while Eddie&Niclole were doing their thing, I had a cup'a coffee or 3 - while I was in there Claudelle was spiffyin up the place - I struck up a conservation with her - had already noted her as I roam around a bit, always busy, I complemented her on the job she was doin keeping things clean/orderly, we visited more....quite a nice individual as well!!! I never see a frown on any employee face, any I ask question gave me a answer and very pleasant - Eddie, Nicole, Claudelle one's I visit most, therefore forming a good opinion IMO - come time to get with Nicole, that gal a pleasant suprise as well, with same traits as Eddie, and I enjoyed her and all the help she provided as well ! I had hoped to trade with Javelina due to having a good friend in Junction Tx that I often go see , and Javelina not that much further and a good road trip for me - The dealership, IMO due to the folks that work there, as well the inventory, parts, shop,I would recommend to anyone n- sadly those I rode with back in the day have all quit riding - my son is my best friend, and he rides a street glide as well, and enjoys the harley dealer he trades with - the world has passed my by in all the technology I struggle with the survey Harley sent, then found this, which is more user friendly to me - Thank you for your time (Employee: Claudelle Leveille, Eddie Perez, Nicole Milnes)
dan stone
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