Helmet Purchase
I purchased a helmet from Javelina 2 weeks after purchasing a bike from Javelina. The helmet had Bluetooth headphones that connect to your cell phone. There is an app that needs to be installed on your phone as well. Andrea was awesome in helping to accomplish this purchase and set up my phone to my helmet and the app. She gave me instructions on how to use the app and how to connect the Bluetooth to my phone. Andrea made it a point to tell me that she is available in case I have any issues, she is ready to help. Well, as soon as i got home my app was not connecting to the helmet. My phone connected to the helmet but not the app. So on Saturday I went to Javelina and was surprised to see the team cooking burgers for customers. My son and I had a burger each and something to quench our thirst. I took the helmet into Dre and she worked on it and had it working within 20 minutes. Again she was very pleasant and willing to help if I ever needed assistance again. To me Dre is a dedicated employee that is concerned with customer care. Thank you Dre!! (Employee: Andrea Granado)
Carlos Dominguez
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